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Assessed $20 Billion in internatinal contracts. 

Areas of Expertise


Our team of experts has a record of proven success, including successful verdicts at the International Criminal Courts of Liberia’s corrupt leader Charles Taylor. He was the first head of state to be convicted since the Nuremburg Trials, and one of the primary reasons for the conviction was the financial evidence provided to the courts identifying the diversion of government funds for purchases and other support that aided and abetted the crimes against humanity.

We ensure financial records and information are validated according to international standards. Financial transactions will be cross-linked to bring the financial network into the custody chain. The timing of transactions and deposits or bulk cash movements is commonly the vital step in tracing the funds and thus fleshing out the networks. Our case files will include a chronology of key events, casts of characters, and modus operandi, which will provide links to indirect beneficiaries as another source of asset recovery. We know how to get data about people, companies, shell agencies, money movers, tribes, and kleptocrats that support insurgents. We have a network of established trusted relationships, an understanding of international bank operations and laws, and current relevant connections with hawalas, diplomats, country experts and law enforcement officials.

  • Prepare binders of evidence and visuals for the purpose of taking action against data points along the illicit chain of black money.
  • Gain visibility on the illicit flow of funds and identify the data points of movement for such funds, including social media networks;
  • Trace stolen assets through the perpetrators, aiders and abettors, and transit points, to determine funding movers linked to the stolen assets and prepare disruption action strategies;
  • Identify stolen asset locations and oversee the implementation of action steps, in conjunction with countries, international law enforcement and judicial authorities, to repatriate stolen assets; and
  • Build a sustainable forensic accounting expertise in countries through on-site mentoring for the purpose of exploiting hidden trails of corruption and ill-gotten recipients of illicit funds. 

identify warlords & insurgencies

inter-agencies collaboration

mitigation & Prosecution

recover stolen assets

governance oversight

budget planning

forensic accounting

risk assessment

neutralize illicit benefactors