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Assyrian Group Sues Turkish-Kuwaiti Bank for Funding Terrorism

(AINA) -- Assyrians who fled the war in Syria filed a lawsuit against a bank which is largely owned by Kuwait Finance House and the Turkish Authority for Foundations, based in Turkey. The lawsuit accuses the bank, Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi A.S. (KTKB), and its parent financial institutions of funding terrorism.

Bill Prevents ISIS-Stolen Art and Artifacts, Used to Help Fund Terrorism, From Being Trafficked in the U.S.

Legal Action Against KTKB, the bank that finances jihad

Mogeeb Weiss, a lawyer in San Francisco, has filed an action in North Carolina on behalf of the Syrian association, Saint-François-d’Assise. He is accusing Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi A.S. (KTKB) of financing all jihadi groups operating in Syria and in Iraq. [1].

The action relies on the findings of Tom Creal’s team. Tom was an expert with the United Nations in the United States, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Iraq, against corruption and organized crime.


Assyrians file suit against Turkish-Kuwaiti bank for funding jihad terrorism-JIHAD WATCH

An Assyrian group that fled the war in Syria has filed a lawsuit in North Carolina against the Turkish-Kuwaiti Bank for funding jihad terrorism.

The terrorism fundraising campaigns by the bank (and its parent financial institutions) were allegedly organized under the pretext of funding humanitarian aid, and the article below points out that “the Turkish connection is massive.”



wgn radio discussion on black money

Thomas Creal talks terrorism and Black Money Ops App on WGN Radio with Rick Kogan.


Tom Creal accuses Kuveyt Turk Bank for helping to raise money for ISIS and Al Nusra

Thomas Creal is one of first names comes to mind when talk about “money trailing experts”. He is trailing lost and black money. For the last 18 months, along with a team of 8 people, he has been monitoring money traffic in Turkey which he sees helping, abetting bloody war crimes and illegal trade. He disclosed heavy accusations against Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank (KTPB) when filed a complaint in California on June 13th.


Bankrupt the Enemy, Win the War-The Hill interview

The war against the ISIS escalates, with attention focused on the battlefield. ISIS represents a new model for terrorism that includes issuing Annual Reports and the use of social media technology. The differences between ISIS and al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are its multi-faceted financial resources and its close resemblance to a business operation

glenn beck program-the blaze

Tom Creal joins Glenn Beck to discuss his investigation on the deadliest "green-on-blue" attack of the Afghan war. Get more information on this investigation on "For The Record"


BOMBSHELL: Afghan Colonel Was Paid $250,000 to Kill US Air Force Personnel, Pentagon Cover-Up Ensued

Thomas Creal, who served as the lead expert for Task Force 2010, investigated the killer’s finances and found evidence he says overwhelmingly points to Gul’s connection to criminal networks.


the counter jihad report

A follow-up report on the Pentagon’s handling of the spike in “green-on-blue” incidents appeared in January after the killing of US Army Major General Harold Greene in August last year, the highest-ranking US official killed during the War on Terror, noting that US personnel who warned of a potential escalation of insider attacks were punished by their superiors:


Charles g. taylor deposed-Herald Tribune

How much money did Charles G. Taylor, the deposed president of Liberia, siphon out of his destitute, war-shattered country, and where is it? For almost seven years, since an international warrant was issued for Taylor's arrest, the search has stretched from the mangrove swamps and diamond fields of West Africa to Swiss banks and shell corporations -- a state-of-the-art version of the sweeping asset hunts that have accompanied the fall of autocrats since the shah of Iran's demise in the 1970s.

for the record article

‘For the Record’ Investigation: It Was the Deadliest Insider Attack During the War in Afghanistan. Who Paid the Man Who Pulled the Trigger?


tracing the money

A final investigation by U.S. Central Command did find circumstantial evidence that Gul may have been involved in a criminal network, but that evidence was not pursued and a large portion of the investigation still remains classified, according to CENTCOM.


Hunting for Liberia’s Missing Millions- New York Times Interview

“Money would go to an arms dealer or an ally and from there to a money management firm and then back to Liberia, then cashed out and moved to another bank account,” said Thomas R. Creal, an accountant from Chicago who for five years has led the search for the United Nations.