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Eliminating Black Money 


Seized nearly $2 billion dollars of terrorists assets since 2010.

Headquartered in Washington D.C. ,The Hunter Group, led by Thomas Creal are recognized experts in the field of international forensic accounting, asset tracing, preparation of results-driven action packages, and the repatriation of illicit funds or enforcement of financial damages.  They have advised nations on financial protocols, prosecution of war crimes and the use of money as a weapon of influence.  Mr. Creal, the founder and team lead has served as a Panel Expert for the UN Security Council under three different resolutions.

 The black money networks that have developed over years are overlapping and not confined by geographical or jurisdictional boundaries. The money movement through such networks has been equally sophisticated. The effort to defeat such an unconventional enemy aligned with the black money markets must be just as fluid and make use of the most advanced technical skills and operational mechanisms available within the authorities granted.

A proven framework was developed and applied by our team in Afghanistan through the original Task Force 2010 and at the United Nations through the Liberian sanctions regime and subsequent prosecutions. In both engagements, our team of experts was led by Thomas Creal, demonstrated not only the ability to identify monies linked to terrorists, but also delivered successful strategies for mitigating actions, such as high value forfeiture cases, which recovered substantial assets.

The identification of insurgency financial flows will include detailing the direct beneficiaries, aiders and abettors, facilitators, shell companies, and wartime entrepreneurs that all play a role in the movement the illicit money.


Areas of Expertise

freezing international assests

social media intel

prosecution of warlords

identify financial supply lines

recovery of assets

prepare cases

identify & trace terrorists

international mitigation

visibility on illicit funds


Black Money Ops Game

Across the world, terrorist cells are funding wars and purchasing weapons using illegal money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement schemes. This is known as Black Money and the results are deadly. While corrupt governments, arms dealers and warlords are getting rich, too many people within those countries are suffering extreme poverty.

Our goal is to create an interactive game highlighting the types of tactics used by these organizations, and shed light on an industry that's responsible for billions of illicitly-obtained money. Our mission is to educate people and expose those who are taking advantage of financial loopholes.

With your support we can bring the enemy to its knees, but we have a long fight ahead of us. Part of the proceeds from the game go to helping fight corruption and extreme poverty world-wide.


The wars we fight now are multi-dimensional, and the ability to engage with the enemy on the economic level is critical to our success. Black Money Ops is an example of how today’s warriors can hone their skills in removing money from a battlefield that terrorists and warlords depend on to furl their nefarious operations.
— Kathleen Dussault, retired rear admiral of the u.s. navy & commander of task force 2010
Follow the money and find the target. One thing that can be assured is that they never stray too far from their stash of cash. Black Money Ops has captured perfectly the modus operandi and scenarios around investigating the identifying illicit flows. The lessons and skills learned from this game can be transferred across numerous international crime platforms.
— Fred Lord, former head-interpol anti-corruption office