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Black Money Ops

Gain knowledge to help bankrupt the enemy. 


An Unconventional Weapon-

Across the world, terrorist cells are funding wars and purchasing weapons using illegal money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement schemes. This is known as Black Money and the results are deadly. While corrupt governments, arms dealers and warlords are getting rich, too many people within those countries are suffering extreme poverty.

Our goal is to create an interactive game highlighting the types of tactics used by these organizations, and shed light on an industry that's responsible for billions of illicitly-obtained money. Our mission is to educate people and expose those who are taking advantage of financial loopholes.

With your support we can bring the enemy to its knees, but we have a long fight ahead of us. Part of the proceeds from the game go to helping fight corruption and extreme poverty world-wide.


Black Money – What is it?

Monies that support terrorist activities, warlords and networks all around the world.

Why Important to Suppress?

Black monies move quickly around the globe and are used by malign actors to financially support terrorist-type activities. No place is safe from such attacks or their residual effects. Witness the news in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. All countries, embassies, military forces are a target.

There is an Answer

Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia, was convicted of "aiding and abetting" crimes against humanity, based in part by a black money trail. DoD’s Task Force 2010 in tandem with the International Community have further demonstrated that an impact on black money and malign actors is not only feasible, but achievable.