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Our team embraces a wealth of international experience and possesses a thorough understanding of the legal protocols necessary to obtain financial records. We know how to gather data about people, companies, shell agencies, money movers, tribes, and kleptocrats that support insurgents. We have a network of established trusted relationships, an understanding of international bank operations and laws, and of hawalas, diplomats, country experts and law enforcement officials.

Our team of experts has a record of proven success, including successful verdicts at the International Criminal Courts of Liberia’s corrupt leader Charles Taylor. He was the first head of state to be convicted since the Nuremburg Trials, and one of the primary reasons for the conviction was the financial evidence provided to the courts identifying the diversion of government funds for purchases and other support that aided and abetted the crimes against humanity.

Our selected team of high level, experienced forensic accountants will enhance the securing of money-movement information from all sources and permit the assembly and analysis of financial records that will yield a wide range of targets.  This will help develop a detailed picture of illicit money movements and provide visibility into the network of aiders and abettors, funding sources and their use of funds, as well as the names and connections of all persons, business entities, money movers, banks, and government officials participating in the network.


Team of Experts

Our experts ensure financial records and information are validated according to international standards. Financial transactions will be cross-linked to bring the financial network into the custody chain. The timing of transactions and deposits or bulk cash movements is commonly the vital step in tracing the funds and thus fleshing out the networks. Our case files will include a chronology of key events, casts of characters, and modus operandi, which will provide links to indirect beneficiaries as another source of asset recovery.

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international lead forensic accountant

Thomas R. Creal

Thomas Creal is a recognized expert in the field of international forensic accounting, asset tracing and recovery of illicit funds, advising developing nations on financial protocols, prosecuting war crimes and the use of money as a weapon of influence. He was the lead expert for Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan focused on tracing monies to the Taliban and other Insurgencies, as well as the recovery of such monies during the two years he was under the command of Rear Admiral Kathleen Dussault and Major General Ross Ridge.

 Mr. Creal has served as a Panel Expert for the United Nations Security Council under three different Resolutions including the Resolution 1532 sanctions levied against Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia and his associates. Creal led the effort for President Sirleaf of the Republic of Liberia for asset recovery targeting the reparation of over $3 billion in damages. He has both government and private sector experience, serving as the Chief of Staff for the elected Illinois State Comptroller and as the Partner-in-Charge for forensic accounting at the firm, RSM McGladrey/Checkers Simon and Rosner.

He is the author of the published book, Money Magicians.


High Profile Cases:

• Prosecution of Charles Taylor
• Lead on Task Force 2010
• (classified location) Recovery of Terrorists Assets




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Due to the secrecy of our business, our entire team of experts can not be disclosed.